Dear all, it is finally possible to purchase the DVD of "For a moment freedom".

The German/English version will be presented on the 24th of June at 19:00 o'clock in Vienna in the bookstore Thalia on Mariahilferstr. 99 with the presence of the director Arash T. Riahi, the actor Navid Akhavan and the musician Karuan.

The additional bonusmaterial on the DVD are:

  • Deleted Scenes
  • Making Of Musikvideo of Karuan "Choclate Distance"
  • Musikvideo of Navid & Omid "For a moment freedom"
  • Storyboardexcerpt
  • Audio commentary
  • Picture Gallery

You can purchase the English/German version of the DVD here:

And here is the link to the French version

[Translate to English:] Liebe Leute, danke für die vielen Anfragen bezüglich der DVD des Filmes. Es ist nun so weit!

Die Deutsch/Englische DVD von "Ein Augenblick Freiheit" (Edition Filmladen) erscheint am 26. Juni im Vertrieb von Hoanzl und wird am 24.6 um 19:00 in der Bücherei Thalia auf der Mariahilfer Straße 99 in Anwesenheit des Regisseurs Arash T. Riahi, des Schauspielers Navid Akhavan und des Filmmusikers Karuan präsentiert.

Auf dieser DVD befindet sich der Film erstmals in einer teilweise deutsch synchronisierten Fassung aber auch in der Originalsprache (persisch/Englisch) mit wahlweise Deutschen/Englischen oder Persischen Untertiteln.

Weiters auf der DVD:

  • Deleted Scenes
  • Making Of Musikvideo von Karuan "Choclate Distant"
  • Musikvideo von Navid & Omid "For a moment freedom"
  • Storyboardauszug
  • Audiokommentar


Die DVD ist bereits ab jetzt online unter folgenden Links erhältlich:



Also, jetzt gibt es keine Ausrede mehr mit "Ich hab den Film im Kino verpasst!,-)

Vienna (OTS/PWK644) - The jury with the task of choosing Austria’s candidate for the Best Foreign Picture Oscar, consisting of representatives of the country’s film industry and film-makers, decided unanimously when they met on 1st September 2009 to submit Arash T. Riahi’s biting, tragi-comic refugee drama For a Moment Freedom, which has already won 22 international awards!

The crucial aspect for the Austrian jury was the way writer and director Arash T. Riahi used an authentic, gripping refugee drama to tell sensitive, individual stories of migrants and their fate. The film remains moving and pointed, subtle and tragic, amusing and touching - without descending into the sentimental. At the same time, For a Moment Freedom is a prime example of the cultural variety of the Austrian cinema, displaying in impressive fashion the ability of the director to translate experiences from his own life into a higher (artistic) film level.

Convincing actors - many of them non-professionals - together with a confident visual style make For a Moment Freedom an emotional experience and a powerful debut for the director; this is his first feature film. The final choice of the five nominations in the running for an Oscar within the category Best Foreign Language Film will be made in January 2010. (us).

"The everyday life of refugees could hardly be described more powerfully. Individual narratives are masterfully interwoven (...) to create a magnificent success.” CINEMA

"A film which successfully links great emotions and powerful issues."

“Riahi achieves a double artistic success, presenting us with a masterpiece of Iranian exile cinema while at the same time jettisoning all national and ideological ballast. He focuses on the fundamental human desire for freedom and self-determination. A universal, contemporary and timeless political film jewel. (mcs).” Kulturnews

“Film of the month”. Jury of the Evangelical Film

“Arash T. Riahi presents a convincing, authentic and gripping refugee drama which tells sensitive, individual stories of migrants and their fate without descending into the sentimental. A deeply moving tale, heart-warming and at moments extremely amusing - despite the pessimistic times. Bravo.”

“Riahi narrates moving episodes which are mutually linked, prompting his child actors to produce astonishing achievements and underpinning some tales with a grim humour; at the same time, the film does permit a certain hope. An excellent debut.” SZ

“Arash T. Riahi has made a film which is so explosive that it hardly needs to be related to the political situation in Iran to emphasise its contemporary relevance. At the same time this additional aspect, which is rooted in true stories, provides an authenticity which makes For a Moment Freedom a masterpiece: Riahi combines three refugee stories into one, and if this three-part panorama has its grotesque and even amusing moments alongside the fear, despair and desperate hope, then this is precisely what makes the film so undeniably true to life.” KÖLNER STADTANZEIGER

“A moving, pointed and subtle drama. Convincing actors - many of them non-professionals - together with a confident visual style make For a Moment Freedom a film which is definitely worth seeing.”

“Riahi has provided us with a beautiful and highly emotional film: with huge sensitivity and great elegance he interweaves tragic, tense and humorous scenes into a universal plot, telling a story which is touching and which could not leave us untouched. (...) Amidst the terrible destinies of his characters Riahi intersperses the necessary lighter moments, which often produce wonderfully impressive images. The coins carved from ice and the swan’s feathers raining down from the heavens help create a fine form of poetic realism.” Filmdienst

“An extraordinarily beautiful, poetic and cinematically mature work which resonates with the audience long after the closing titles have appeared. Perfect cinema which strikes a fine balance between drama and serious issues.” BR-3

“The various narratives proceed with the complexity which is also reflected in the ending. The fact that some people manage to get to the West while others don't could otherwise appear almost geometrical (...). With his restrained, confident visual imagery Riahi succeeds in surpassing this danger, bringing the film to a conclusion where even death can appear to be a victory against oppression.”

“His passion and the artistic ability are revealed in the way he gently and incredibly carefully restores to the characters their individual features, like a master mason working in stone. Almost incidentally, he involves them in a number of sub-stories (...). The sheer variety of the episodes and miniature portraits enables Riahi to transform the apparently interchangeable refugees and that which is described as their fate back into people with real faces. This constitutes the deeply humane achievement of the film, which represents another aspect of the director’s triumph: moment of happiness are never isolated, while failure is never lacking in greatness.” KÖLNER STADTANZEIGER

“For a Moment Freedom is by no means only a moving drama created from the real stories of refugees; it is also an excellent example of narrative cinema with many opportunities for laughter and tears. This is predominantly due to the outstanding acting, which slips easily into the hearts of the audience. Riahi skilfully strikes a balance between the universal lightness of being and the politically very controversial issue of refugee life. He gives faces to the destinies, ensuring that they are not so quickly forgotten.” BR-3

 “A film which is deeply moving not least because of its warm, humane perspective and sensitive ability to depict the most varied realities in life. A powerful film, which breathes hope and grips the audience from the very first moment. An absolute gem: sensitive and of huge contemporary relevance. Definitely first class.” Filmbewertungsstelle Wiesbaden

“For a Moment Freedom is also an intense hero journey which sweeps the viewer along. By now Riahi, whose background is in documentary films, has won over 20 awards for his impressive feature film debut. An entirely believable, dense story about the misery of political refugees, their hopes, their disappointments and their longing to live lives of dignity in foreign countries. The will to survive is part of the refugee experience, and in that sense For a Moment Freedom is also an intense hero journey which sweeps the viewer along with it. (...). Anybody who has seen this film will view the fate of asylum-seekers differently in future.” BR-Online

“Gripping, sensitive and compelling. Alongside the tragic incidents the director repeatedly brings comedy and humour to the screen, not forgetting to leave some room for hope.”

“Arash T. Riahi succeeds convincingly in transforming a deeply serious issue into a story which is both touching and humorous. For a Moment Freedom is a moving film which resonates with the audience long after they have left the cinema.” Pro7

“A touching and realistic drama which also contains a sizeable portion of wit, leaving you sometimes wondering whether to laugh or cry. In swift succession the production alternates between hope and despair, joy and disappointment, initiative and tragedy, leaving the viewer enthralled both by the suspense and emotion at a human level and by the entertainment factor.”

“The individual stories are narrated in parallel with a rhythm which allows each character the opportunities for revelation. As a plea for the considerate treatment of refugees the film manages with incredible success to achieve a balance between political drama, individual stories and images of unpretentious aid and solidarity.” Jury der evangelischen Filmarbeit.

“In dense atmospheric style the film depicts the tormenting uncertainty and existentially threatening situations of asylum seekers as they "pass through" as well as their unbroken hope and solidarity in assisting each other. It succeeds in addressing and moving a younger audience as well, by means of individual destinies narrated with exemplary skill, thus bringing closer to them important aspects of the subject of people who are refugees.” VISION FILM

“Dramatic, poetic and comic elements are interspersed here in what is more than a mere narrative method... the bold and sometimes puzzling mixture preserves the characters from our automatic sympathy and forces us to walk more closely for their human qualities, going beyond the familiar clichés of victimhood.” Ultimo auf Draht

“You get the impression that you are actually there when the refugees come to terms with everyday life in this foreign country. And the film is rather like everyday life: melancholy, sad, moving but also cheerful and full of hope. A challenging, impressive and compelling work.” SR Online

“A quiet film (...) which succeeds in conveying to the audience - who are otherwise only familiar with anonymous refugee stories from newspaper articles - the image of real people.” ARTE

For a Moment Freedom will be released in Germany on 13th August 2009, distributed by Film Kino Text (+49/ 228 / 42 07 67)

Media relations in Germany will be handled by Filmpresse Meuser (

After being shown in Austria, France and Germany the film will be released in cinemas in the Benelux countries, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Korea and Canada.

The jury: Barbara Albert (film-maker, producer), Bettina Böhler (cutter), Bernd Böhlich (film-maker), Axel Prahl (actor) and Ursula Werner (actress)

"The Flying Ox" (main award for Best Feature Film)
NDR Director’s Prize (awarded by NDR)

Jury statement:
For a Moment Freedom is a highly political and truthful film which liberates the fate of refugees from the anonymity of newsreels. It is a moving plea for the right of every person to a life of self-determination. For a Moment Freedom tells its different stories without pointing the moral finger - and precisely for this reason it also refers directly to our own lives. We are no longer just an audience; instead we are called upon to display tolerance, solidarity and shared humanity.
The feature film jury of the 19th M-V Film Festival awards the NDR Director’s Prize to the film For a Moment Freedom by Arash T. Riahi
Arash T. Riahi has directed his outstanding ensemble of actors with sensitivity and humour without resorting to the sentimental. In every instance he portrays his characters in authentic and plausible fashion. With virtuoso skill and immense care the director assembles the wealth of individual stories to form a whole: a film which is full of surprises and twists. Since it always remains close to the characters, the film prompts us to share their hopes - which are often painfully shattered. The great courage and strength of the characters draws us with them on an emotional voyage and permits us to suffer and laugh along with them.

The Canvas Award goes to For a Moment, Freedom, an astonishing film, characterized by amazing directing techniques and performances as well as a powerful screenplay, soundtrack and photography. All characters have their own motives and give a realistic view on the refugee problem. A classic, emotional film that makes a lasting impression.
The festival jury: Arpais du Bois, Juliette Duret, Martine Huvenne, Catherine Wilmes, Michel Van Hove, Serge Baeken and Martin Heylen (president)

The youngsters’ jury award goes to For a Moment, Freedom, a film with many different characters whose lives and personalities are clearly depicted. The film presents a very realistic portrayal of the problems refugees are to overcome in order to find a safe place to live. The current European problems are beautifully brought to the screen. Even humour is an important aspect of the film. It is highly enjoyable to see how some people manage to keep their spirits up in straitened circumstances. Sad situations alternate with funny scenes and near the end of the film you will be doubled over with laughter. A very impressive film that keeps the audience captivated until the very end.

10. Festival del Cinema Europeo in Lecce, Italy
The international jury consisted of Eva Zaoralová (film critic and Artistic Director of the Karlovy Vary Film Festival in the Czech Republic), Carlos Hugo Aztarain (film journalist and actor, Spain), Phillip Bergson (film journalist, scriptwriter and consultant, UK), Carlo di Carlo (film critic and film-maker, Italy) and Dunja Clemens (film producer, Slovenia)


Arash T. Riahi's first feature film "For a Moment Freedom" has won two more prizes at the Festival du Cinéma Européen en Essonne in France. The film was awarded both the Public Award and the Student Award. This festival, which has been running for the last ten years, specializes in political films.

Members of the Jury: Maurice Benichou (actor, appeared in "Caché" by Michael Haneke), Jocelyne Desverchère (actress), Jean-Pascal Hattu (director), Pierre-Yves Borgeaud (director and screenwriter), Jérôme Mallien (actor) as well as a number of students.

Since its premiere at the Montreal Film Festival at the end of August the film has won the following Awards:

  • Public Award, Cinessonne Festival, Paris
  • Student Award, Cinessonne Festival, Paris
  • Vienna Film Prize, Vienna Film Festival 2008
  • Best Director, Saint Jean de Luz, France
  • Golden Eye for Best First Feature Film, Zurich Film Festival
  • Golden Zenith for Best Debut Film, World Film Festival Montreal


Third award for "For a Moment Freedom" at the INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF YOUNG DIRECTORS

At its third festival showing at Saint Jean de Luz, Biarritz, Arash T. Riahi's first feature film "For a Moment Freedom" was awarded the main prize for Best Director. This is the third award the film has gained since it was premiered at the end of August in Montreal.

FOR A MOMENT FREEDOM by Arash T. Riahi was awarded the Golden Eye, the Prize for the Best Debut Feature Film, at the 4th Zurich Film Festival by a jury headed by Peter Fonda. The Zurich Film Festival (ZFF) is one of the most important international festivals for young talent and is held annually in Zurich. The film festival is committed to promoting the works of young directors and screenwriters from all over the world.

At its premiere during the World Film Festival in Montreal, FOR A MOMENT FREEDOM has won an award for the best debut feature film, the Golden Zenith for the Best First Fiction Feature Film 2008. The jury included Pierre-Henri Deleau (France), Denis Héroux (Canada) and Armand Lafond (Canada). The Festival, which was founded in 1977, is the only "A" film festival with a competition section in North America which is accredited with the International Federation of Film Producers Associations, the FIAPF.

"For a Moment Freedom" will be released for cinematic viewing in Austria on 9. January 2009. It can be seen in French cinemas starting 28. January 2009, and the film will be on general release in Canada at the beginning of April 2009.



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